Hair Styling Products

Hair Styling Products

The variety of hair styling products on the market today can be awesome and sometimes confusing. Knowing what products to choose and how to use them is a must for beautiful hair.

Braid Maintenance

Taking care of your braids ensures healthy hair. Dry scalp works against your braids and can even cause damage. Wash your hair with either a clarifying or protein shampoo. Your stylist can tell you what you need.

You must also tone or gently massage your scalp as part of the cleaning process. Use the pads of your fingers. If you should over use hair products on your braids, using apple cider vinegar(only a spoonful) in with rinsing does wonders in removing debris and lint. Next you must condition it. For the hair, use a conditioner that is water based. For the scalp use a conditioner that is oil based.

Lastly air dry or gently pat dry with a towel. These steps will keep your hair looking like your just had it done.

Hair Extensions and Wigs

You must always condition and moisturize your own hair, plus the extension. If over- conditioning occurs you must shampoo with a keelating or deep cleansing shampoo. Don’t use hairspray that contains alcohol as it dries the hair out too much. Also use hairspray sparingly. Any type of styling can cause build in hair and a shampoo should be done every 2 weeks.

Use moisturizer every time you shampoo to avoid dryness. Also in washing your wig, attach it to a styrofoam head. Divide the wig into 4 sections and begin washing from the bottom to the top and in rinsing use low water pressure. Always remember heat is synthetic and natural hair’s worst enemy.

Pomades & Waxes

If you want to define a style and not have hardness use pomades. Some of these have some wax in them also. These have enough moldability they work great for flicks and flips. Pomades work well on bangs and defining layering. Waxes work best on short hair styles. They make the hair the most moldable. Waxes are hard to remove from the hair because it is water repellant. A purifying or clarifying shampoo must be used to remove waxes from a hair style.

Hair Styling Serums

Serums mainly define and shine. They also have great hold when used with other products. Be sure to check that there is no alcohol in the serum you buy. Some serums help repair damaged ends in your hair. It also adds fullness and bounce to your style. There are types that protect and strengthen your hair by moisturizing it during the styling process.

Curl Enhancers

These products are used mainly for conquering the frizzies and amplifying your shine. You might use this product with a diffuser. As you continue to add more product with the diffuser, it helps entice the curls into symmetry. Once your hair is dry, use more to complete your style and define your curls.